Empowerment and the Sweet Science: Women’s Boxing at Gleason’s

At Gleason’s, a Close Community of Female Fighters

Tim Knox has a keen eye for engaging narratives. As a seasoned photographer with a variety of major credits to his name, Tim has visited Gleason’s for several pieces over the years, and, ultimately, the richness of narrative keeps bringing him back through our doors.

“When you get here, what unfolds is just so much story,” he smiles, taking a small break from creating fighter portraits. “There’s a lot to be said. And I think the best way to say it is through the people that are actually here.”

From former dancers to medical professionals to survivors of seemingly insurmountable circumstances, Gleason’s attracts a wide array of clientele, each with a unique story and drive.  “Everybody has their own reason…for being here and for fighting,” Tim says. “And it’s not just about strength or power. It’s about how they fight…heart…strategy…so many different facets of it.”

​Tim set about capturing this inner strength through his recent portraits of our fighters, and Gleason’s community of female boxers told a particularly engaging narrative that day. “When I photograph them, and when I [ask] what [boxing] means to them, as women…there’s a sense of dignity and pride and confidence. The women train a lot harder,” he says, marveling at their work rate. “They’re a lot more intense about it.”

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As Tim notes, boxing training provides all students with more than just self-defense and fitness, as fighters often discover inner strength, witnessing glimpses of their true character in the gym. “Everybody’s saying how much it changes them. Everybody has a better sense of themselves.”

For technique, for fitness, for confidence, or for self-discovery, come visit Gleason’s, and add your voice to our growing community.

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