Part 1: Swanson nears charity bout

Kelly Swanson’s clients include two of the greatest pugilists of the modern era: Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins.

Mayweather and Hopkins are immune, by now, to the butterflies that are making themselves so abundantly apparent in Swanson’s stomach on Wednesday afternoon. The publicist confessed that her adrenal glands have been kicking into overdrive as we met for a chat at a Brooklyn eatery. No, not because Mayweather has announced his next scrap, or Hopkins has agreed to face off with another young gun, twenty years his junior. Rather, Swanson confessed to being in this state because she signed on to take part in a fight and will be gloving up on Saturday night in the main event for a charity event unfolding at Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO.

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