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PHONE: 347 206 7769 EMAIL: REGULAR TRAINING HOURS: Mon-Thursday 7am – 8pm; Fridays 8 am to 12 pm; Sat & Sun open to appointment HOURLY RATE: Open My method of training is called Jihad’s Way. Boxing is not a tough man sport. The art of boxing is to hit without getting hit. In 1988 my boxing career began by winning the Golden Gloves in the state of Indiana. In 1991 I fought James Stanton in the State of Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Finals. Throughout my career I sparred with a number of professionals like Monty Barrett, Buster Matias Jr., Lou Savarese, Mitch Blood Green, Michael Grant, and the list goes on. As a professional fighter I’ve fought the 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist Richard Bango and Joe “Baby Bull” Mesi. I’m looking forward to making champions. A true champ will never quit and one who quits will never become champ. *CERTIFIED AND REGISTERED USA BOXING TRAINER AND USA BOXING OFFICIAL Jihad Abdul Aziz
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