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 Gleason's Members' Works Of Art 

Artist & Painter

Garry Nichols


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Author and Women’s Boxing Historian

Malissa Smith

Author and Women’s Boxing Historian Malissa Smith’s love affair with boxing began as a young girl but wasn’t fully realized until she walked into Gleason’s Gym in January of 1997 and began to train. Boxing not only awakened her, but truly uncaged her soul, bringing her to her other passion, writing. 
A continued presence in the early morning hours at the gym, Smith created the blog as a labor of love back in October 2010. She documents all aspects of women in boxing as well as to chronicle her own journey of motivation and self-care. Gleason’s has also been her writing home, having penned a portion of her critically acclaimed book, A History Of Women’s Boxing at the gym.
As a women’s boxing historian, she sits on the board of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame, is a member of the The Ring’s prestigious Women’s Boxing Rating Panel, and is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame’s Women’s Boxing Modern and Trailblazer selection and voting panels.
Now in her mid-60s, Smith continues to perfect her boxing prowess a few mornings a week while cheering on her gym mates she calls the “AM boxing crew.” She writes and speaks regularly for various media outlets and podcasts, and makes guest appearances and speeches at public events across the country. She is also known widely on social media as @Girlboxingnow.


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Malissa Smith is a Women’s Boxing Historian and Author of A History Of Women’s Boxing as well as a longstanding Gleason's Gym regular. Acclaimed by The Ring as “the bible of women’s boxing,” Smith’s book is the first comprehensive history of the sport. Rich in detail and exhaustively researched, this book illuminates the struggles, obstacles, and successes of the women who fought—and continue to fight—for respect in their sport. The book explores all aspects of women’s participation from the earliest contests in eighteenth-century London on through the 2012 Olympics when women’s boxing was officially added to the Games, and beyond. A History Of Women’s Boxing is a must-read for boxing fans, sports historians, and for those interested in women's history.


@ Gleason's Gymon the bag August 2021
@ Gleason's Gym Dec. 2012
@ Gleasons Gym March 2021
The Gleasons Gym Girl Gang

Mike Clervil

Recording Artist

“Gritty and raw, with an overdose of confidence.” This is the quick way to describe songwriter and lyricist Mike Clevril also know as Stixx. However there is much more to this Brooklyn, New York native than meets the eye. 


As Mike works on his sophomore efforts he  releases UNTIL THEN a six song EP. Raised in Brownsville and Flatbush, Mike Clevril grew up with a passion for music. His family played everything from pop, reggae, R&B and rock & roll, but it was Hip Hop that struck a chord with him. By age 12, Mike was kicking freestyles around the neighborhood, but it wasn’t until he got reaction from friends on his first real song that he knew he could take his gift to greater heights.

David Lawrence

Poet & Literary Powerhouse

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(Bio provided by Daivid Lawrence...) 

When David Lawrence went to jail for a two year federal bid he was a popular Insurance businessman on Wall Street. He was in with the top executives and was known for his hobbies--professional boxing, rap music and tournament tennis. He was seen dining at all the best restaurants and traveled by the Concord Jet over to London.

He came from a successful family and never imagined that he would become a prisoner. Still he took up boxing and had knocked a guy out on national television and knew that he could fight.He traveled with both billionaires and street guys. He operated well in either the upper class or boxing worlds.He was a Ph.D. in literature and was as sensitive as he was tough. He had acted in a movie about his boxing career, Boxer Rebellion, and had been featured in People Mag., New York Mag. and Time Out. Not to mention newspapers like the NY Times, the Post and the Wall Street Journal. He was well-publicized and famous for being different. People said hello to him for no reason.

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Grace Baley

Mosaic Artist

Grace Baley has been working as a professional mosaic artist for the past 21 years. As a life long New Yorker, she credits the murals and mosaics found in the subway as a source of inspiration. The majority of her work is fabricated using glass, paper, ceramic and cement. She often collaborates with designers and architects to create site specific works and large installations and sells smaller pieces in gift stores around the NYC area. 


She received a BFA from NYU and subsequently earned a masters degree in education.  Baley resides in Brooklyn with her 2 daughters and their 2 rescue dogs, Jade and Benny Smalls.  

John Douglas

Boxer / Artist

John Douglas

John Douglas is a professional boxer and boxing trainer from Guyana. His long an illustrious pro boxing career was punctuated by his love of wearing bright colors which matches one of the most colorful personalities in the field of professional pugilism. Also matching his electric personality & wardrobe is John's art. He creates uniquely colorful and imaginative creatures with which he enjoys entertaining people.