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 Chat With The Champs 

Learn From Mark Breland & Joan Guzman:
Gleason's Kicks Off Our Private "Chat The Champs" Series


In an effort to offer upcoming boxers and boxing fans alike a more personal experience with some of the many world champions who call Gleason's Gym their home, the gym is launching a new series by which folks can book time to have an up-close-and-personal, one-on-one experience with a former champion.

The first two Champs who will be available are Mark Breland or Joan Guzman. So, if you'd like to book your time with one of these two champs, just email or call and we will schedule a 20-minute online video conference. You can talk about anything, their careers, their boxing techniques, other great fights, get their previews of upcoming fights or just shoot the bull about what's going on in the boxing game today with one of the big names in the sport.


Email Us:
Call Us: (718) 797-2972 - Ask For Bruce

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