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 Roxanne Phillips    
        The Wheelchair Warrior 

Inspired To Change

A pro boxer I know, talks about when he first saw the movie Rocky when he was a kid. “I went straight out and ran 6 miles.”

That’s some inspiration.

When you first meet Roxanne Phillips, you’ll want to let her sleight frame and wheelchair impair your judgment. Don’t. That would be a global mistake and could get you knocked out by none other than Roxanne Phillips. For those of you who thought Rocky was inspiring, get your running shoes ready.

Roxanne is from Bournemouth in the South of England. For the last several weeks she’s been training at Gleason’s thanks to the generous help of her sponsors who want to see her continue her journey as a wheelchair boxer.

How did you become a wheelchair warrior?

Tell us about your music?

What inspired you to go from bedridden to wheelchair warrior?

More Than Just A Punch

However, Roxanne is quite more than just another palooka on the heavy bag. Roxanne is a musician, performer, composer, mentor, and volunteer – she works with autistic kids and uses movement and art to inspire them to engage.

Roxanne's Links For Boxing & Music: - Roxanne Phillips covering ADELE's Hiding My Heart

What difference has boxing made to your physical condition?

What do you do for a living?

Do you want a big fight or a big foundation?

What advice do you have for other disabled folks?

Does the US do enough for disabled athletes?

How important is having a team around you?

Donor Search For A Second Gleason's Chair

While a regular chair can work, having a sport chair is much better and keeps legs from getting tangles, and participants from flipping over or losing their balance and falling out of their chairs.

This sport chair costs about $100, and we're looking for anyone who can help us get it. Roxanne does a better job of explaining it ------>


Oh, that chair!

Along the way, Roxanne's collected a devoted following of sponsors, supporters, admirers, coaches, and friends.

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